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It is an undisputed fact that society can survive only if there exists among its members a sufficient degree of homogeneity, education perpetuates and reinforces this homogeneity by fixing in the child from the beginning the essential similarities which collective life demands. Education provides the essential link between the child and the society. A school is a miniature of society. In school, the child must interact with other members of the school community in terms of a fixed set of rules.

This experience prepares him for interacting with members of society as per the social rules. It is by respecting the school rules that a child learns to respect rules in general; he develops a habit of self-control and restraint.

It is very important that the schools reorient themselves to the task of integrating the child to the values of the society once again. And this process should start right at the kindergarten level, so that even if in the later stages, when the child tries to find the right station in his life, the values that were imparted to him in school remains the guiding force behind all his endeavors.

I therefore urge the parents and the teachers to join hands and strive towards the betterment of society. This can be done by making children aware of the social values and the modes of behavior expected from them. Love for the country, their duties towards the environment, elders and peers should be inculcated in the child right from the inception, only then India can be a paradise on the Earth.

Mrs. Archana Mishra